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Episode 30: A quick mindset shift that will stuff the wallet of any Amazon or eBay seller

A quick mindset shift that will stuff the wallet of any Amazon or eBay seller

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If you know how to sell stuff on Amazon or eBay – or if you have some basic internet business skills, then you are sitting on a gold mine that you probably don’t even recognize is there! You see, 98% of the population has no clue about how online business works, but everyone around you KNOWS that online business is the future of commerce. Without building a website, without learning any new “techie” skills and without even getting a business card for yourself you could quickly have paying clients using ONLY the strategies that we teach in this episode. Today Jim invites a friend of his who started on eBay and now has hundreds of paying clients around the world! This is an episode that we probably could have charged a lot of money for! You are going to love it! Special guest: Mike LeMoine – aka Fireman Mike.

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