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Episode 297: Aiming for a $750K year in Amazon sales as a married couple

Aiming for a $750K year in Amazon sales as a married couple

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Today’s guests have seen their share of struggle on their way to building an amazing business using the ProvenAmazonCourse. They started out frustrated and unable to find profitable inventory, but now they say they literally “see deals everywhere” because of what they’ve learned. They even have family members and friends in other parts of the country who are doing the shopping for them and sending in inventory for them as their business soars! You’ll learn several sourcing strategies as well as be encouraged by today’s interview with Brian and Robin Olson.

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Resources mentioned in this episode: : Our coaching program


Carolyn McFall (Book title on Amazon is “From Homeless to Homeowner”) Episode #134


Oscar Mutumbo interviewed as a guest on this podcast: Episode #218


Payability – get paid faster by Amazon for a small fee (tell them we sent you!)


Legends group –


Prep Center Network – – the app that all replens sellers use


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