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Episode 280: Traveling full-time in an RV and building multiple income streams

Traveling full-time in an RV and building multiple income streams

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Imagine traveling full-time without a true “home base” and building multiple income streams online while you do so! Today we meet two of our coaching students who have been married 38 years and they are doing EXACTLY that – traveling full-time! Thanks to their online business they are mobile as they go where they must in order to help out sick family and their aging parents and visit the areas they want to see! They now have their own brands that sell well online, and they also do retail sourcing (also called RA or Retail Arbitrage). They are using our “Replens” strategies as well (our sourcing strategy that involves NO scanning of barcodes!) Enjoy hearing about their strategies, successes and failures along the way and how they continue to thrive even during the uncertainties of the virus challenges.

Guests: Gary and Gaye Moseley


Watch on YouTube: You Tube: : The “Replens” course that was used to help Gary and Gaye launch their RA (retails arbitrage) income : the course that includes dozens of training modules including including the Replens training : find a partner to help you “prep” your inventory to sell on Amazon

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