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Episode 218: From ZERO to $30K in sales per month in 90 days

From ZERO to $30K in sales per month in 90 days

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Our most recent interview. Imagine working an intense, full-time job with a wife and three daughters at home – driving 2 hours to work and 2 hours home EVERY DAY and STILL finding a way to build a $30K per month business selling on Amazon within 90 days (in your “spare” time)! That’s what Oscar did and in this episode we tell you how!  We’ve just returned from our annual meet up, and while nearly 700 of your fellow listeners were there, I met the guy you are about to meet. I recorded this episode just before the conference, and this gentleman is everything he seems to be in this great interview. This episode is in our Facebook group and on Youtube as well. Both links below. 


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Watch this episode on Facebook here: – the program Oscar joined (for videos of 2019 event and details on the 2020 event) (the best selling, newbie friendly and advanced content Amazon “how to” course in the world)


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