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Episode 146: Our best selling book is free for a few days only (mini episode)

Our best selling book is free for a few days only (mini episode)

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Perhaps the all time best selling book about building a creative, sustainable, robust income using the internet is the very book that this podcast is named after! We estimate there have been over 1million readers! Of course it’s the “Silent Sales Machine” book.  The good news is, for the next few days ANYONE can grab the book for FREE. Use this link to get access to the downloadable “kindle” version  NOTE: You don’t need a kindle to read this free download version! You can read the book on ANY digital device or computer. This promo runs from Tuesday Oct 23 at 4AM ET until Saturday, October 27, 2018, 11:59 PM PDT


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Get the book free for five days here:


Did you miss the promotion? Use the same link – the book will still be marked down to only a few dollars!


Todays episode is also a youtube video!

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