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Episode 107: 2018 Amazon Seller Forecast & Success Stories

2018 Amazon Seller Forecast & Success Stories

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Today Jim tells us his forecast for Amazon and FBA sellers in 2018 – and it’s a very bright forecast! He also shares about the dangers of isolation in Internet business as well as several success stories! Next he reminds us to mark August 23-35 2018 on our calendars for CES VI in Indianapolis, IN (Tickets go on sale early Spring 2018). 


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First 500 day post

Lisa $2,000 day celebration – 430 like clicks etc.

Over $1,000 in sales in first 20 days

Jane “the Overcomer” has a $20k month

Excited about firsts $1,000 day

Hit $1,000 day after starting just a couple months ago

Finally broke $10K in a month

Finally broke $15K in a month

First sale – community celebrates:

First four days as a seller – $1,100

Trevor bought PAC – so many celebrated with him:

Peter goes fulltime and the community celebrates

First $100 day

Big month over 230 responses loving PAC

Goal of $7k hit $10k


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