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Episode 813: A live Amazon Q/A with our Facebook members and PAC students

A live Amazon Q/A with our Facebook members and PAC students

Once per week or so our Amazon seller leadership team and I love to go live on Zoom with whoever can join us and answer as many ecommerce and Amazon selling related questions as possible. We love to capture the best moments from these Monday night sessions for you and turn them into a podcast episode.

Intro topics

Jim gives us background on the My Silent Team Facebook group and how to join.

My Silent Team Facebook group – 100% FREE! Join 74,000 + Facebook members from around the world who are using the internet creatively every day to launch and grow multiple income streams

  • Proven Conference and Scholarship
  • Coach intro to Kickstart Bootcamp
  • Discussion on 100 ASIN class – Robin Joy gives an overview
  • Podcast overview — Jim covers Coaches Corner and what happens on that episode each week on Silent Sales Machine Radio podcast and he talks about our upgrade to the podcast page – new LOOK


Relevant Links
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See over 100 Keepa charts for ASINs that are selling above the buy box in this Facebook post. These examples are also covered in depth in the "Above Buy Box" training module included inside the as one of dozens of step-by-step modules inside the PAC library.

Additional Info

Questions from the group participants:

Question –  What is the difference between Jungle Scout and Keepa? 

One of the best tools we recommend is Keepa which allows a quick decision based on good data that we trust

Listen to episode #369 at to hear the best information we teach about Keepa

Keepa link –


Question – I use Bqool repricer and need help with a setting, can you help?

Bqool –

Facebook group – great question for our FB group


Question – Can you still do RA (retail arbitrage) when you change to a wholesale account?

Podcast #807 is an example of building an Amazon Business where our student uses several different business models in one selling account.

PROVEN Branded Bundles -we’re going to be adding this course to our PAC this month!

https://PROVEN Branded


Question – Does the old buying inventory 3x rule still work selling on Amazon?

The answer is it depends!

Use a great tool to be well informed – gives you a quick estimate of the fees


Question- If I leave an ASIN that I’m running out of as an out of a stock and I’m not sure if I’m going to continue with that ASIN or not, do I have to close it out or can I leave it as it is?

Not an issue but there are considerations here.


Question -If Amazon is on the listing should I avoid that ASIN?

More thoughts on this strategy a bit later in the show.


Question – When I get good inventory listed I get a letter from the supplier saying that I am not authorized to sell, how do I deal with this?

Jeff Schick, our legal expert, is a terrific resource here

Asking on the MST Facebook group with hidden details is helpful in discerning if the letters are legit

The Keepa chart’s sharp decline of sellers is a hint that the brand may be best to stay away from – “grumpy brands”


Question: Are we allowed Amazon to Amazon Flips?

Yep! Don’t use your Prime account.


Question: Should I set my price higher than the Buy Box price for 3-4 weeks?

Podcast #554 – Above the Buy Box pricing


Question – Why it doesn’t always matter that Amazon is selling on the ASIN?

Sometimes Amazon being on the listing is better for boosted ranks of your product.


Buy Box crucial information

Question: Do you try to win the buy box or match the buy box? – our Facebook chat of all Jim’s examples of selling at a higher price

Podcast 554, 555, 612 – these episodes highlight Above the Buy Box pricing

Be sure to be well informed in the Replens training in our Proven Amazon Course before diving too deeply into this strategy

Suppressed Buy Box

Jim explains what that means. How it can be a plus on your product listings!

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